What people are saying…

“Good stuff from what seems to be the best news source in Charlottesville.” — Rick Tetzeli, executive editor, Fast Company Magazine, talking about The DTM, a local news website I operate.

“When we kicked off The Sandwich Lab, we reached out to Dave at the DTM to discuss a targeted media plan to inform potential customers of the project. The DTM tailored a multi-pronged campaign that met our explicit objectives and was very successful at driving interest in the launch.  The DTM has a highly engaged readership that is plugged into and invested in the Downtown Charlottesville scene.” – Bill Hamilton, Hamiltons’ at First & Main

“Since I don’t have much time (or interest) in social networking other than an occasional post on Facebook, I appreciated the information posted on The DTM by Dave McNair. Trying to let others know that the musician “88 Keys Wilson” was turning 88 was difficult at best. But after The DTM posted something about the birthday event we held for him people who wouldn’t have known otherwise came to the event. I will continue posting information on The DTM because it seems to reach so many people!” – Jaclynn Dunkle, owner Fellini’s #9 Restaurant and Tin Whistle, on the effectiveness of the DTM’s Event Feature.

“Dave McNair’s cover story, “Celebrity, Suicide and the Etiquette of Envy” raised the writing standards locally to Pulitzer levels. Insightful, deliberate, poignant, and brutally honest. The title foretold it all and made me want to turn the pages. The article taught me something about the music industry I didn’t know– in a non-judgmental way– and gave us all something to ponder.” —author Sally Honenberger